Chemical Tanker Transport
Chemical Tanker Transport


Apart from shipping hazardous materials and transportation of
Chemical and Petroleum in the local areas of UAE, we also make necessary
arrangements for chemical shipment across the borders of GCC and Jordan. Further We are
experts in handling the challenging transportation projects, and we always keep
our eyes wide open for cost-effective ways of moving the merchandise. With our
exceptional fleet of flatbed trailers Road Tankers & ISO tanks, Moreover we execute
petroleum transport and different natures of chemicals in a safe environment.
As our customer, you can decide the mode, place and time of delivery. Hence We would
work towards in accomplishing it with alacrity. Besides employing the new
technologies in the shipment of chemicals and petroleum, we endlessly strive to
mitigate the risks associated with it. For all your international freight problems,
we have the ultimate solutions. Hence, We would take all your worries through our
particular  international / long haul freights services.


As Solutions by industry Chemical Tanker Transport
 provides a variety of logistics and transportation services necessary for
the international shipment of pharmaceuticals, medical components and
equipment. For a number of years already, Chemical Tanker Transport  has also
been providing logistics solutions for pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore Our company pays
great attention to the safety of cargo during transportation and fully complies
with the standards of GPP, Good Distribution Practice, international legal
norms, and relevant domestic laws when shipping medical components. Chemical
Tanker Transport also helps its Clients ensure smooth domestic and
international supplies of medicine. 

Further Our company organizes transportation of
medicine through various means of transport in Europe, the CIS, the Baltics,
the Balkans, and South East Asia. Our experienced employees also optimize supply
schemes and provide individual logistics solutions in accordance with the needs
of Clients and the characteristics of their cargo. Chemical Tanker Transport also
 transports all cargo according to agreed terms regardless of the
geography of shipment. Hence In cooperation with international transportation
companies, we are also able to offer flexible pricing policies and Swiss-quality