As a prominent forwarders in Dubai, and with our strong ties in the local and regional market, we undertake domestic freights for the transportation of oil and petroleum. Despite the complexity of shipping the hazardous materials, we have the resources to deliver them at the desired place in a fast, affordable and reliable manner. We also have heavily invested in multiple trailers and tanker types. In essence, we have the right equipment and chemical carriers that ideally suits your needs. These also have enabled us to carry out the shipments in a precise way. With our additional safety protocols and training provided to the staff, we gear up to adapt to the diverse needs.


Chemical tanker transport
Chemical tanker transport

Apart from shipping hazardous materials and transportation of Chemical and Petroleum in the local areas of UAE, we make necessary arrangements for chemical shipment across the borders of GCC and Jordan. We are also experts in handling the challenging transportation projects, and we always keep our eyes wide open for cost-effective ways of moving the merchandise. Further With our exceptional fleet of flatbed trailers Road Tankers & ISO tanks, we execute petroleum transport and different natures of chemicals in a safe environment. As our customer, you can decide the mode, place and time of delivery. Moreover We would work towards in accomplishing it with alacrity. Besides employing the new technologies in the shipment of chemicals and petroleum, we endlessly strive to mitigate the risks associated with it. Further For all your international freight problems, we have the ultimate solutions. We would also take all your worries through our particular services.


As Transportation of chemicals by road is a universal and economical way of delivery of such sensitive cargo. Road transport does not depend on the schedule of ports, railway stations or airports, so transportation takes minimal time and is carried out almost round the clock. Hence Advantages of transportation of chemicals by road include: Possibility of full container loading and compliance with special temperature regimes, Delivery of oversized and heavy cargo, Consolidation of groupage cargo at Chemical Tanker Transport.