If you’re looking for a bulk chemical transportation expert, Chemical Tanker Transport can help. We’re a logistics company that has been moving freight in UAE and between GCC over 10 years. CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  Chemical Transportation specializes in moving
chemical and hazmat shipments but also moves non-dangerous goods and food grade materials.

Chemical Tanker Transport
Chemical Tanker Transport

Liquid Bulk

Move your liquid chemical bulk shipments with CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT . We also have access to equipment all over the UAE and GCC standing by to get your shipment moving. Bulk transportation can be difficult without a wide network of liquid bulk and dry bulk carriers standing by when your shipments are ready to move. This is a key benefit CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  Chemical Transportation provides to their customers.

Leading Bulk Transportation Safety System

The bulk trucking companies contracted by CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  are carefully monitored. Further it is monitored with the FMCSA to monitor licensing and insurance. Moreover as well as with the CSA program to monitor on road inspections and citations. Plus, CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  brings this all together in a web application so that you can monitor the safety ratings of the carriers moving your shipments and compare it to the national average. This ensures you’re doing your diligence in carrier selection, and CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  makes it easy.

Special cargo Chemical Tanker Transport  clients can take advantage of a full range of services supporting the transportation of liquid cargo, in particular industrial alcohols. Moreover The company’s experts organize delivery of this type of cargo with appropriate vehicles and transportation schemes to create customized logistics chains. Alcohols are the primary compound for organic synthesis in the manufacture of certain products.


Solutions by industry for bulk Chemical Transportation  for variety of logistics and transportation services necessary for the international shipment of pharmaceuticals, medical components and equipment. For a number of years already, Chemical Tanker Transport  has been providing logistics solutions for pharmaceutical companies. Our company pays great attention to the safety of cargo during transportation and fully complies with the standards of GPP, Good Distribution Practice, international legal norms, and relevant domestic laws when shipping medical components. Chemical Tanker Transport  helps its Clients ensure smooth domestic and international supplies of medicine. Our company also organizes transportation of medicine through various means of transport in UAE, the GCC and South East Asia. Moreover Our experienced employees optimize supply schemes and provide individual logistics solutions. We provide this in accordance with the needs of Clients and the characteristics of their car