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Chemical Tanker Transport
Chemical Tanker Transport

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Move your liquid bulk and petroleum shipments with Chemical Tanker Transport.


Chemical Tanker Transport
Chemical Tanker Transport

Chemical Transportation

Chemical material transportation in UAE and outside UAE to GCC & MENA region.


Chemical Tanker Transport
Chemical Tanker Transport

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Chemical Tanker Transportation

Chemical tanker
Chemical tanker transport

The Chemical Tanker Transport provides a full range of logistics and chemical transportation services all over UAE & GCC. We provide solution for the local and international transportation of chemical goods. Further we transport non-hazardous chemical substances, substances in various aggregate states, and hazardous materials. Since its establishment, our company has been cooperating with well known chemical companies and suppliers of raw materials. Further we continuously pay special attention to safety, personnel health and environmental protection.
Chemical Tanker Transport also helps its Clients to establish a continuous supply of chemical products locally, internationally and over long distances. Further Our company organizes cargo transportation by various means in the regions of UAE, the GCC, Asia, and the MENA region. Additionally our experienced staff optimizes existing delivery schemes and develops customized logistics solutions. Hence Chemical Tanker Transport  will arrange transportation of any cargo within specified terms regardless of the transportation route. Thanks to cooperation with international transport companies, we are able to provide a flexible pricing policy and quality service.


Chemical Tanker Transport
Chemical Tanker Transport

Chemical Tanker Transport also provides full fledged solutions for transporting chemicals. We transport petroleum, liquid chemicals and other hazardous and non hazardous materials to different destinations. Since our inception, we established strong ties with major chemical companies and suppliers. We also have built our reputation on customer satisfaction. Hence Chemical Tanker Transport has achieved recognition as one of the top logistics companies in Dubai. Moreover with utmost precision and caution, we transport chemicals in an efficient manner across the UAE.

Further our company realizes the challenges in the shipping of hazardous materials. Hence, we pay extreme attention to safety while promoting personal health and addressing environmental concerns. Furthermore with our expertise in chemical logistics, we ensure to abide by the strict laws in petroleum transport. Additionally we implement reliable methods and offer international standards of practices in transporting the chemicals.

All Types of Chemical Material Transportation in UAE

Chemical Tanker Transport

We are also leaders in chemical material transportation. As we follow our strict and rigorous training process. Further we pay dedication to customer service. Additionally we focus on the safety of your freight. We also transport all types of chemical materials inside UAE and to all GCC countries as well. All of our employees, from accounting to dispatch, are trained.

Our special steel made container trucks are also operational in different parts of Dubai & UAE. Hence we carry chemical material from all over Dubai. As we know every newly built building or industries need flushing work. Thus water collected as flushing water contains hazardous chemicals. We collect chemical water from there and hence dispose at special disposing areas.

We also have mild steel tankers for chemicals material transportation. Further Our large fleet of these trucks also serves for overseas services. We also transport all kind of chemical material within and outside UAE. As Our special team of drivers is also professional to carry out this job. Services are also available for all GCC and middle east countries. Hence we operate locally and internationally as well for transportation of chemicals material.

Our services in Chemical Material transportation are as following:

DOMESTIC / SHORT HAUL Chemical Tanker Transport Services

As we are a prominent Chemical Transporter in Dubai. We have our strong ties in the local and regional market. Hence we undertake domestic freights for the transportation of oil and petroleum. Despite the complexity of shipping the hazardous materials, we have the resources to deliver them at the desired place in a fast, affordable and reliable manner. We also have heavily invested in multiple trailers and tanker types. Hence we have the right equipment and chemical carriers that ideally suits your needs. These tankers also have enabled us to carry out the shipments in a precise way. With our additional safety protocols and training provided to the staff, we gear up to adapt to the diverse needs.


Chemical tanker transport

We transport hazardous materials and also do transportation of Chemicals and Petroleum in the local areas of UAE. Besides local transport, we also make necessary arrangements for chemical shipment across the borders of GCC and Jordan. We are also experts in handling the challenging transportation projects. Additionally we always keep our eyes wide open for cost effective transportation. Further With our exceptional fleet of flatbed trailers Road Tankers & ISO tanks, we execute petroleum transport and different natures of chemicals in a safe environment. You can decide the mode, place and time of delivery as per your convenient.

Moreover we always work to serve you better. Besides employing the new technologies in the shipment of chemicals and petroleum, we endlessly strive to mitigate the risks associated with it. Further for all your international freight problems, we have the ultimate solutions. We would also take all your worries through our particular services.


Flexi Tank
Flexi Tank

Flexi tanks are cost-effective and convenient solutions compared to ISO tanks & drums. Hence due to these factors, market players consider this as an essential alternative. They use it for saving transportation cost for non hazardous liquids. Further no re positioning costs, low labor and loading costs are some of the factors which make this product an efficient option for bulk fluid transportation to remote destinations.

Flexi tanks are also used globally to transport over 60 different non hazardous commodities. Flexi tanks are also referred to as flexi bags. These single use multi layered bladders made of polyethylene with an outer covering of woven polypropylene. Hence these are now replacing the IBC’s and iron drums. These tanks can also hold up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons) and fit into a standard 20 foot freight container. Thus these flexi tanks convert container from a dry goods carrier into a liquid carrier. Further Flexi tanks maximize the volume you can transport and protect the quality of your products.

We can also add a top valve to the flexi tank for top loading. It depends on the product and clients’ preferences. Further, we can customize the valve size to match your needs and we can also add vents to relief pressure. Additionally, heat pads or thermal insulation can be added to the flexi tank. We use this to accommodate for the type of product, atmospheric conditions and desired temperature range.


Chemical Tanker Transport operates a sophisticated fleet of stainless steel chemical tankers. These steel tankers serve the industry’s needs for liquid transportation in bulk. Further these stainless steel tankers Comply with the latest quality and Safety requirements in accordance with Civil Defense. Our chemical tankers are designed and fitted with temperature regulator gauges for the transportation of a wide variety of liquid bulk materials, including specialized chemicals, acids, lube oils, aromatics and clean petroleum products.


Mild steel Tankers can be used for transporting hazardous, Non hazardous chemicals and Oils in bulks. These tankers are coated from the inside to prevent corrosion and resistance. Mild steel Tankers offer greater payloads and unrivalled chemical resistance. Hence these play a key role in transportation of chemicals all around. We have a large fleet of Mild steel Tankers which serve all over UAE and GCC.


The ISO Tank Container, also known as UN portable tank, tank container, bulk storage container, shipping tank, or intermodal tank. ISO Tanks are used for the transportation and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, foodstuffs, and liquefied gases. ISO containers are made with stainless steel and housed inside a protective layer. The type of protective frame used depends on the tank’s contents. We have large fleet of ISO Tanks. With our fleet of ISO Tank Containers we can confidently take care of your liquid logistics requirements. We can efficiently and safely manage your cargo.

Chemical Transportation

Chemical Tanker Transport uses different modes for transport of different chemicals. Methods employed for the international transportation of chemical goods vary depending on the specific type of cargo. The first type of cargo is hazardous chemicals. There are a number of substances according to the source of danger, such as: flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive, or radioactive. Some classes have more detailed subclasses. Violations of the rules governing storage and transportation of hazardous chemical materials can cause serious harm to crew, the vehicle, and the environment. Therefore, the transportation of toxic chemicals goods often require measures. These involve special markings, packaging, fastening the goods to a vehicle, extra safety precautions, and special temperature. Further we care for humidity, and lighting requirements. Additionally, special requirements may apply to vehicle drivers.

The second type of cargo is non hazardous chemicals. These chemicals include, in particular, pharmaceutical materials, mineral fertilizers, disinfectants, technical and edible oils, surfactants, and other similar materials and compounds


As Transportation of chemicals by road is a universal and economical way of delivery of such sensitive cargo. Road transport does not depend on the schedule of ports, railway stations or airports, so transportation takes minimal time and is carried out almost round the clock. Hence there are different advantages of transportation of chemicals by road. These advantages include Possibility of full container loading and compliance with special temperature regimes, Delivery Services of oversized and heavy cargo.

Chemical Tanker Transport ‘s route network expands every year. As Our company organizes the safe transportation of chemicals within UAE, the GCC and the MENA region. Furthermore our employees have extensive experience, professionalism and individual approach to each Client. We ensure fast delivery at a specified delivery time, and cargo safety throughout the entire shipment.

Chemical Tanker Transportation Services

The Chemical Tanker Transport offers our respected clients the expertise and experience that is unrivaled among other chemical hauling companies. This experience is derived from more than 10 years of delivering freight. Moreover The industry acumen gained over all those years enables us to offer a variety of chemical transportation solutions. Our comprehensive chemical transportation solutions and veteran teams assure our customers’ satisfaction with every aspect of the shipping process. We also handle customer products as if they were our own. In addition, we understand that our success as a company is a result of the ability of our team to ensure the success of our customers.

Further these factors make it possible for Quality Carriers to meet the bulk transport requirements of existing and new customers.
Chemical Tanker Transport develops and delivers chemical transportation solutions for the following products:

  • Latex
  • Resins
  • Caustics
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Fertilizers
  • Oils and fluids
  • Acids
  • Alcohols
  • Transportation of Cleaners & Sanitizers &
  • Numerous other specialty chemicals

Chemical Tanker Transport provides customers with the expertise and experience that is unrivaled among other chemical hauling companies. The COVID-19 crisis has created a condition in the marketplace where businesses are procuring ethanol for the production of sanitizers. We helped in delivering all around to fulfil requirements of Ethanol.

Hauling Bulk Ethanol

Our comprehensive chemical transportation solutions assure our customers’ satisfaction with every aspect of the shipping process. Hence this background expertise in chemical transport makes it possible to quickly offer a bulk ethanol transportation solution. Further we assured it despite the complex nature of transporting the product.

Specific to cleaning and sanitizer products Chemical Tanker Transport:

  • Ethanol
  • Sanitizers
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Quaternary Ammonium
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Numerous other specialty chemicals


If you’re looking for a bulk transportation expert, CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  Chemical Transportation can help. We’re a logistics company that has been moving freight in UAE and between GCC for over 10 years. Chemical Tanker Transportation specializes in moving chemical and hazmat shipments but also moves non dangerous goods and food grade materials.

Liquid Bulk

Move your liquid bulk shipments with CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT . We also have access to equipment all over the UAE and GCC standing by to get your shipment moving. Bulk transportation can be difficult without a wide network of liquid bulk and dry bulk carriers. This is a key benefit CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  Chemical Transportation provides to their customers.

Leading Bulk Transportation Safety System

We have a comprehensive safety system for bulk chemical transportation. CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  brings this all together in a web application. You can monitor the safety ratings of the carriers moving your shipments and compare it to the national average. This ensures you’re doing your diligence in carrier selection, and CHEMICAL TANKER TRANSPORT  makes it easy.

 Our clients can take advantage of a full range of services supporting the transportation of liquid cargo, in particular industrial alcohols. Moreover The company’s experts organize delivery of this type of cargo with appropriate vehicles and transportation schemes. Industrial alcohols are also widely used in processes related to manufacturing. Alcohols are the primary compound for organic synthesis in the manufacture of certain products.


Solutions by industry Chemical Tanker Transport  provides a variety of logistics and transportation services necessary for the international shipment of pharmaceuticals, medical components and equipment. For a number of years already, Chemical Tanker Transport  has been providing logistics solutions for pharmaceutical companies. Our company pays great attention to the safety of cargo during transportation and fully complies with the standards of GPP, Good Distribution Practice, international legal norms, and relevant domestic laws when shipping medical components. Chemical Tanker Transport  helps its Clients ensure smooth domestic and international supplies of medicine. Our company also organizes transportation of medicine through various means of transport in UAE, the GCC and South East Asia. Moreover Our experienced employees optimize supply schemes and provide individual logistics solutions in accordance with the needs of Clients and the characteristics of their car


Chemical Tanker Transport provides solution of medical and pharmaceutical transportation. Conditions for the transportation of medicine and medical equipment vary according to its specific type. As The first such type is medical substances. It is also a wide category that covers natural and synthetic substances of various physical and chemical origin. As cargo, most medical substances are fragile and sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. For instance, medical liquids are bottled in glass tare. In order to keep cargo safe and mechanically undamaged, medical liquids are secured within a vehicle with excess space filled with soft packaging materials.

Further The second type is medical supplies. This category includes various instruments, equipment, materials, reagents, and appliances used for medical purposes. During transportation of this kind of cargo, quality deterioration should be prevented and exploitational characteristics should be preserved. Medical supplies, like medical substances, must be marked accurately in order ensure appropriate transportation.

Why Chemical Tanker Transport is a Game Changer
  • Traditional Freight Forwarder(F.F)
  • Freight Price
  • Volume Discount
  • Individual Service
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Document Management
  • Trucking Brokerage
  • Warehouse, Bundled Services
  • All of Traditional F.F
  • Enhanced Responsiveness
  • Proactive Prevention
  • Scalable Platform
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Organizational Flexibility, Personalized Experience
  • Intelligent Platform
  • Automated Execution
  • Enhance Accelerate Innovation
  • Real-time Visibility
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Highly Evolved Operating Mode
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Actionable Insights
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

Why to choose Chemical Tanker Transport:

Chemical Tanker Transport believes in quality services. Hence we are the best choice for different industries especially chemical industries.


  • Timely Delivery of the cargo all around GCC and Jordan
  • High Quality Stainless-Steel Tankers with Temperature Gauge
  • High Quality Mild Steel Tankers with higher payload
  • Safe and Secure deliver of the Cargo
  • Cargo Insurance for your consignment
  • Civil Defense approved Tankers
  • Drivers with Civil Defense trained certification
  • GPS tracking system linked to Civil Defense
Chemical Tanker Transport

Chemical Tanker Transport operates a sophisticated fleet of stainless-steel chemical tankers which services the industry’s needs for liquid transportation in bulk.


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Complete solution of your chemical & other transportation needs. All kind of transport services within UAE & GCC with your complete satisfaction & peace of mind.


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Chemical Tanker Transport

Move your liquid bulk bulk shipments with Chemical tanker transport. We also have access to equipment all over the UAE and GCC standing by to get your shipment moving


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